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Small and medium businesses (SMB) operate very differently from large ones and considering just how busy the life of a SMB owner can be, I bet that copywriting isn’t necessarily at the top of your agenda.

Like most business owners, you probably are a Jack of All Trades and a Master of Some. Out of necessity, not choice. The Internet might have created a larger potential customer base for your product or service, but it also piled a whole lot of extra responsibility on your shoulders. Your website demands attention all the time:

“Is everything on the site up to date? Social media demands. Oh, and blogging. Checking whether the keywords are still okay. Where to find backlinks? Got to add new pages.  I forgot about the forums! My landing page is not converting. There’s a security alert. The visitors are dropping off. Who is using my content?”

Does this sound familiar?

Speak about getting bogged down! While tending to the copywriting, social media and administrative wants and needs of your website, you can quite easily lose sight of your core business and of what your competitors are up to!

You know, the Important Stuff.

Then there is the little issue of effectiveness. Is your internet presence rewarding your efforts adequately? Do you believe that your website, your content and your social media pages are really good enough to keep you in the running? Are you reaching  your audience?

That is where we enter the fray. The WordWright understands the SMB world. We are more than a copywriting agency; we are the ideal web communications partner.  You’ll find us knowledgeable, proactive, professional and really, really good at getting your message across.

We’ll take care of things for you without demanding an arm and a leg in return. Contact us today!